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Who We Are

Partner is a BEE Compliant boutique web software package manufacturer and solutions company.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to remain small and innovative. Passion for performance, ease of use and product ingenuity.

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Where We've Come From

Present - 2007

Establish Partnerships

2004 - 2003

Establish Credentials / References


Implemented our first website using POP®Software

Emerging Technology Top 100 company "Emerging TT100 Company status is awarded to a select number of organisations which, although less than 3 years old, already display significant promise due to their outstanding levels of technological excellence and innovation"

POP software® short listed for T-Systems AIS age of innovation awards

2003 – 2002

A team of developers created POP®Software

2001 - 2000

Begining of the web revolution triggered the idea of POP®Software

Our Services

Web Design

With constant changing design trends, we pride ourselves in offering our clients a modern professional web design.

When choosing a web design our clients have the option to make use of our own in-house graphic designer who can design a custom made website or use their own favorite design Agency. We will then build the site accordingly.

Take a peek at our Portfolio to see some of our designs.

Web Development

Web development is our bread and butter. We have been improving our skills and developing since 2002.

We specialize in database driven websites with custom functionality. From large and complex transactional websites to medium sites with lot of static content, Intranets, extranets and web applications. We use our POP®Software tools to build and then later manage the sites.

Other than Intranets, extranets, web applications and websites, we also offer hosting to our clients.

Mobile Application Development

With the emerging dependence on hand-held devices, the smart phone and tablets have taken center stage in the tech industry and naturally we have ventured into this space.

For the times when our clients might need an app instead of a mobile site, we have resolved this issue of offline and online content by caching content on the device when the device is online so you can view it offline.

We also offer consultation as to whether your needs might best be met with an app or a mobile site.

Website Content Management

As our name implies, we maintain partnerships with our clients over the years and offer a service appropriate to their needs.

With our content management service, our clients can choose to have retainers with us. They can use these retainers to update their website to keep it current. By using our resources our clients can update the content themselves, if not, we do the rest.

Our team will rapidly update the content on your website, we even have SLA’s with certain clients when go-live time is very important. Under normal circumstances you will get your changes done the same day.

IT Consulting

Ever wondered if you are being taken for a ride when you get a quote for a new system or when you interview potential IT vendors for a project? Who can you really trust to keep an eye on your IT expenditure?

Over the lifespan of our company we have often come across clients who need IT advice, guidance or an IT strategy on a specific project because many smaller companies do not have their own dedicated IT director. With 36 years of IT experience Herman offers IT services either on a permanent or on a project basis to our clients.

SEO and Adwords

Each website needs Search Enginge optimisation (SEO) in order to get the best rating on search engines. Partner has the tools and the expertise to help clients achieve their best possible ranking.

As part of our service we run Adword campaigns for our commercial clients. We advise them on their Adwords expenditure and report back on their spending and sales on a monthly basis.

Client Portal

Partner offers a personalized client portal for your business. Why would your business need a client portal? Client portals are electronic gateways that encompass a collection of digital files, services and information that is accessible through registering to your website. Businesses use client portals to allow users to centralise and virtualise their business to increase efficiencies and have controlled communication. It is a means for users to have a self-service access to a private repository. Client portals can also be used in conjunction to workflow automation and document management.

Therefore if you would like to optimise your business workflow and have an access controlled private repository. Please contact us.


A Partner Initiative

PopQuickSites is a project that stemmed from a need to supply good quality, responsive, affordable websites to clients in and around Stellenbosch and Cape Town.

By creating affordable customized websites to suit our client's needs, PopQuickSites hopes to allow surrounding clients to join the online community.

Let us help you grow your business by partnering with us!

Visit PopQuickSites

Development Methodology

Over the years Partner have established its own systems development methodology. Our methodology has been adapted from enterprise standard methodologies to suit our environment and clients better. The model is a continuous improvement loop consisting of the following steps that are described below: Context setting, Modelling, Implementation, Support - looping back to Context setting ext.

Context setting phase

Engage with the user to understand the current context.

Modelling Phase

In this phase Partner prepares a model that is presented to the business. Once approved the model becomes the system requirements.

The proposed model is a model of the business and could contain the following models

Technical Model

Description of the systems and technical components – High level design Document

Business Model

Description of business processes involved

Implementation Phase

In traditional terms this would be called the Build phase.

This phase consists of the following steps

Detailed Design

The model definition is broken down into work tasks that can be handed to individual developers or teams. The detailed design consists of an overview, Functional descriptions, screen layouts and data design, test plans.

Task development

Detailed design is implemented in program code by a single developer or development team

Unit Testing

The developer or development team tests their program code independent of other parts of the system. Inputs and outputs are tested against the unit test plans. Screens are shown to the users for approval.

System testing

The program unit is tested with other system components to ensure the various components of the system works together according to the system test plans.

Integration testing

The system is integrated with other systems in the environment and tested according to the test plans.

User acceptance testing

The full system is provided to the users for acceptance.


The system is implemented according to the implementation plan. This involves the physical change control process and the possible take-on of previous data.

Support phase

In this phase Partner supports the running of the system by

Reacting to User requests

Fixing any reported problems

Analysing usage data to ensure the systems runs smoothly

Analysing user behaviour to determine future changes

Analysing workflow engine results to establish the performance of the business processes and to identify possible bottlenecks

Back to Context Setting

This phase gives us the input which creates the new Context for a further context setting exercise which concludes a single loop for continuous improvement.

Hi, I am Herman du Toit Owner and Director of Partner

The mind behind the matter

Herman wrote his first program in 1980 coded on Punch Cards. Ever since the first day IT has been his passion. After achieving an A average at school he went on to study BSc with Computer science and Mathematics. During his first year at varsity in 1983, PCs were introduced to the University. Known in those days as one of the “computer wizz kids”, he started writing commercial programs and packages for various clients. Always working for himself it was the next logical step to start his own company in 2002.

" I am the owner and have been managing director of Partner-us since 2002. My focus for this company has always been cultivating strong partner-ships with companies through our loyalty and dependability. I make sure to keep myself informed about where our industry is headed and lead my team accordingly while also leaving room for our own creativity."

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Our Team

We are a small BEE Compliant boutique web software package manufacturer and solutions company.

Our Culture

We are a collective of foodie/health enthusiasts who encompass an environment of passion and excitment for our work.

With regards to our clients, we like to consider ourselves your friendly neighborhood problem solver. We are very proud of the Partner-ships and reputation we have forged.

You are welcome to Contact us or visit our offices for a cup of coffee and we can discuss a solution.


We strive for a clean sophisticated modern design while also adding our clients unique edge. Simple, minimalistic, responsive web designs can be seen in our portfolio.

We keep in mind the development needs of our clients and that can be seen in the variety of our designs.


We focus on ease of use and implementing solutions for our clients needs.

To find out more about our development have a look at our Services

Our Design Portfolio

Responsive Web Design and Development

POP® Software

POP® Software makes it easy to provide a host of web-based solutions to meet many business needs.

POP® Software consists of well-designed and easy-to-assemble components that will give your business a spectrum of solutions from as simple as an intranet to as complex as an integrated industrial strength business solution

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